Extendrum Technologies provides pioneering Information Technology services in application architecture and development, client/server and web development, process methodology, business architecture, client satisfaction, technology infrastructure, e-business and legacy system and project management.

We have a vast pool of Microsoft Certified Professional with years of experience as a part of our team. We have over 18 years of experience working with clients in different industries such as Government, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Finance and Banking.

EiQ-Point is Extendrum Technologies brand for a vast array of Extendrum products and technology trainings through its Instructions banner. We use our expertise and experience to create the most effective training methodologies and curriculum. Training syllabus are designed to achieve Microsoft certification.

We provide training for Microsoft products such as SharePoint or CRM/GP. We also provide training on eCommerce or Shipping based Integgris products. Training can be held onsite or at our HQ training center.

Integgris provides product and solutions for eCommerce and shipping needs for retail and wholesale customers.

eCommerce product is integrated with Microsoft Dynamic platforms. eCommerce platform provides functionalities for catalog, customer, order, finance, store management functionalities. It supports multi-currency, language, payment and address functionalities.

Shipping solution provides support for rate, ship, label printing and tracking functionalities with various major carriers.